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Digital marketing is an ever-evolving arena. When innovation comes at every turn, it’s tempting to follow every flashy trend you see. In B2B marketing, new trends appear almost every day as the industry evolves. The B2B marketing industry has been experiencing several trends lately, from social media marketing to influencer marketing. For entrepreneurs to remain relevant and grow their businesses, it is important to stay up to date on B2B marketing trends. There are expected to be many new trends emerging in B2B marketing as the landscape continues to evolve. Here’s an overview of some B2B marketing trends.
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#1. Neuromarketing:
Neuromarketing focuses on how the brain responds to advertising and branding. It draws on insights from social psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural economics. If you want your products or solutions to be purchased by customers, you need to understand their buying behaviours. Observing their brains will help us accomplish this. B2B marketers can use neuromarketing to execute marketing campaigns based on scientific evidence, creating catchy ads that engage customers.

#2. Mobile-First Approach:
Smartphone ownership reached approximately 6.64 billion in 2022. Today, most people cannot live without their smartphones. Many B2B decision-makers prefer to interact remotely or digitally. Mobile ads are more popular than ever before, not just because Google prefers mobile-friendly sites. By 2023, mobile ad spending is expected to reach $7.43 billion.

#3. Referral Marketing:
COVID-19 has prompted a resurgence of a B2B marketing trend. Referral marketing is exactly what it is. Digital platforms were the only way businesses could reach their target audiences since one-on-one marketing was not possible. There’s no doubt this trend will stay since 91% of B2B customers want to continue using digital self-service. Compared to other forms of advertising, friends and family recommendations are considered the most trustworthy by the majority of online consumers.

#4. Intent Monitoring:
B2B marketers must understand why people would buy their products or services. Using intent data for intent monitoring is essential. You can identify prospects who are contemplating or ready to purchase your product or service by monitoring buyer intent. Intent monitoring is challenging, especially in today’s noisy digital marketing world. Many B2B customers drop out before converting. To overcome this obstacle, you need to gather more data to fill in your buyer’s journey picture.

#5. Video Marketing:
Customers’ attention spans have decreased, so capturing their attention continues to be a challenge. There is an increasing amount of content being released by the marketing industry, making it harder for people to find your website. Embracing innovative video marketing is the only solution. Instagram, for instance, offers B2B marketers an innovative video platform to connect with their target audience emotionally. You can share short videos with millions of users on this rapidly growing social media platform, including behind-the-scenes videos and explainer videos about new products.

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