What is AI's effect on digital marketing?

Prior to digital marketing, marketing wasn’t customer-centric, like TV, billboard, or man-to-man advertisements, but now it is more centred around potential customers. Social media allows people to interact regularly, making it possible to predict their needs precisely. Artificial Intelligence may play a powerful role here. A common misconception about AI today is that it refers to computers that talk to us like Alexa or Siri or grand projects such as self-driving cars. These are very thrilling and impressive, but the reality of AI is that tens of thousands of tools and apps are running quietly, automating simple tasks or making predictions that simplify our lives.

Artificial intelligence has revolutionised digital marketing. It facilitates the development of effective digital strategies and optimises campaigns in order to increase ROI. AI influences many aspects of our lives through smart devices, chatbots, and self-driving vehicles. The purpose of these is to identify customer interests and preferences so that they can be served in a more personalised manner. Keeping up with technology is difficult since it changes so fast. Let’s explore how AI impacts digital marketing.
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#1. Content curation and creation
AI plays a key role in content marketing. Content development and curation are possible with AI. Further, it allows us to identify the right audiences for the content and the best distribution channels. AI has the potential to generate topics and even draft first drafts based on data or parameters, even though the technology is still in its infancy.

#2. AI-enhanced digital advertising
When it comes to digital advertising AI plays a huge role in the current era. An AI-based system can run electronic billboards. Known as “programmatic advertising,” these systems use algorithms and big data to determine which ads are most effective. Ad development has historically been a creative endeavour accomplished by a team of professionals but, today’s businesses must go beyond creative to find the right message, timing, and delivery method to be successful. With the overwhelming amount of ads bombarding consumers every day, consumers have learned to ignore the messages, causing advertisers to lose money. With AI, businesses can place personalised ads before relevant audiences to optimise their advertising budgets. As this technology evolves, business success will become increasingly dependent on it.

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