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XOB Fighting Gear

XOB is an international company that delivers high-quality fighting gear for boxing athletes and MMA fighters. XOB manufactures premium-quality fighting gear that helps boxers gain an edge over their competitors.

DC Books

The DC Books publishing house is one of India’s top five literary publishing houses. Ninety per cent of the regional authors publish with DC Books.


AUDiFYZ is one of the most popular audiobook creator apps based in the United States. AUDiFYZ has developed a productive environment that helps authors or publishers to convert their works into audiobooks efficiently.

Fortune IAS Academy

BrandFell handles the digital marketing activities of Fortune IAS Academy. Being in the educational sector, it is crucial that digital marketing activities reach the potential customer base, which includes students and their parents.


Everprime Shipping is a global logistics service provider giving wings to the Indian dream of achieving a 5 trillion economy plus the utilisation of demographic dividend.

life bee

Life Bee is an application designed to be a healthcare companion. Life Bee helps you better understand your body by notifying you of the drugs you are taking and laboratory values.

T.I.M.E Education

A leading multi-program, multi-location training provider, T.I.M.E. offers MAT courses, CAT, JEE MAIN, and JEE ADVANCED, along with GRE, IELTS, GMAT, and TOEFL. T.I.M.E. trains thousands of students to write aptitude tests and other government/non-government examinations effectively.

Social Trait

Social Trait is an American-based sentiment analysis platform. It is the leading artificial intelligence platform that can forecast human behaviour in social media contexts to assist you in better marketing communications, products, and processes. The story behind every content is not visible to everyone.


Cygnus, an Australian IT consultancy, offers the best-in-class domain and technology capabilities to help its clients navigate the never-ending waves of change. The IT consultancy specialises in digital transformation, from business case preparation to implementation.

Learning Arena

Learning Arena is a global online tutoring platform that provides students with access to university/certified tutors from anywhere. The Learning Arena is a next-generation platform for learning & training that combines virtual, immersive and blended techniques for holistic personal and professional growth.


The Citrine Hospitality venture is one of the most established hotels in India. Citrine believes in providing customers with the best possible experience, focusing on their comfort and convenience.

The Wave By Citrine

The Wave Waterfront Luxury Resort & Spa is an elite resort close to the Bandipur Forest and Vythiri, Wayanad. This resort combines natural beauty with adventure activities, making it the perfect getaway for honeymooners and adventure lovers.

Pattom Royal Hotel

Pattom Royal is the most devoted business-class city hotel in the capital city. Pattom Royal adheres to the principle of offering the best customer experience, focusing on the comfort and convenience of its customers.

Totus Interiors

Totus Interiors, a new-generation interior design company in Kochi, Kerala, focuses exclusively on interiors. Totus Interiors strives to combine aesthetics with everything consumers need to maintain a comfortable life. As the best interior designers in Trivandrum, Totus Interiors goes above and beyond at every stage of your project.

Vanya Holiday Resort

Vanya Holiday Resort is a heavenly getaway ideal for holidays and leisure in Kerala. The resort lies at one of the most scenic locations in the Western Ghats near Nelliyampathy, Palakkad. This resort is the perfect destination for travellers seeking a peaceful holiday in a serene environment free from the stress of daily life.

Royale Drive

The philosophy of Royale Drive is to provide elite Chauffeur services to business executives, tourists, and corporate houses. Unlike its competitors, Royale Drive Service operates at a high level of operational standards, customer service, technology ease, and expertise.

Ethnic Health Court

Ethnic Health Court is a popular Youtube health channel. By focusing on health-related issues, their solutions, and the quality of lifestyle, the ethnic health court aims to communicate in a simple but effective manner.

Counseling Arena

Counselling Arena is a group of women entrepreneurs dedicated to giving you the best possible life through their expertise, experience, and compassion.

BENZ UAE - Al Maraghi Auto Repairs

Al Maraghi Auto Repairs is the largest independent premium automobile service centre, specialising in Mercedes Benz. Functioning out of Abu Dhabi, Al Maraghi offers excellent service for Mercedes Benz cars.

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